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CHANGE: 10 Signs Of Age

1) You know that President Obama is younger than yourself.

2) You used to look at your hair in the mirror, now you look at your hair in the sink.

3) You remember when President Kennedy was killed.

4)  Your age is 7.8571428 in dog years.

5)  You have no recollection of your grandparents but you know that they were born in the 19th. Century.

6) You know your cholesterol count as well as what David Wright of the Mets is hitting.  (122 and .275)

7)  You remember when people protested war.

8)  You refer to any song as a “good record.”

9)  You say “Thank you for your time”, without irony.

10) You realize that deaths of contemporaries are no longer “unexpected” or “tragic” but…deaths of contemporaries.

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