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HAIKU 5*7*5* Mist

November 9, 2018 1 comment

My cheek has been kissed

Like Aqua Net Super Hold

The rain is a mist


CHANGE 2015 remix: 10 Signs of Age

1) Your age is 399 in dog years.

2) “Fortunate” is the only way to describe the fact that one’s “troubles” have gotten fewer over the decades.

3) “Youth is wasted on the young is no longer a hoary cliche,” but something directly applicable to your life.

4) Your best friend passes who knows things about you that no one else knows and at this point anyone is likely to ever know.  A short-term but very real friend with the same first name comes to mind.  You let this person down and attempt to make amends.  The past can’t be changed, the future…?

5) First Lady Michelle Obama’s fitness program ‘Move It’ reminds you of the Technotronic hit “Move It” back in 1992 which is 23 years ago!  But Michelle Obama is younger than yourself.

6)  AARP sends you hard copy literature while the Middle East nightclub sends email alerts for the Shonen Knife show that you will be attending on June 24.

7) There is very little that hair care products can do for you at a certain point in life…like now.

8) Weightlifting is fun!

9) You have ties older than your nieces who are 22 and 20.

10) Mom and Dad’s tirades are much missed these days.








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