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February 26, 2019 1 comment

swOl/  To be visibly muscular.  This is to be distinguished from “swollen” which would be in the past tense and usually refers to some sort of malady or affliction.

Swole is the 21st. century description that has now succeeded:

-‘Pumped’ as popularized by the 1977 movie Pumping Iron and referenced in 1997’s Boogie Nights, was the calling card for pneumatic muscular development in the late 70s and early 80s.  The tire reference was telling as that era of bodybuilding and weight training, which are NOT the same at all, was characterized by the intake of massive amounts of whole diary products lending their users a somewhat bloated appearance.

-‘Jacked’ took over at about the time I started tending bar.  ‘Jacked’ had multiple meanings in conversation when referring to appearance.  ‘Jacked’ as in acquired illegitimately, “Dude, that guy must be jacked, he’s so big.”

(This meaning of illegitimate acquisition is still used in hip-hop in reference to illegal and unacknowledged samples).

‘Jacked’ also referred to self-abuse as bodybuilders were often thought to be absorbed in onanistic self-enchantment.  In this context ‘jacked’ was something of a double entendre.

-‘Decked’ came into fruition in the 90s as weightlifting and bodybuilding became chic among Generation X.

‘Decked’ is a nickname for DecaDrol, a trade name for Dexamethasone, a popular anabolic steroid easily obtained through scrip doctors who charged cash for prescriptions that rarely if ever required an examination or bonafide therapeutic issue.

(It is worth mentioning that Decadrol was used by AIDS patients to combat the wasting precipitated by a variety of AOOIs).

‘Decked’ also came to refer to the use of DecaDrol as a party drug, in spite of the very real danger of alcohol interactions.

Women seeking a tad more fiber to enhance their sleeveless tops began to emulate Linda Hamilton in Terminator II with her display of ‘femceps/sheceps’.

Eventually, enough bad interactions prompted authorities to crack down on the number of prescriptions and DecaDrol became just another drug by the time President George W. Bush was elected.

‘Swole’ entered the lingua franca around the time of President Obama’s second term.  By this time an almost obese silhouette had become acceptable and indeed de rigueur for hip hop fashion.

Smartphones enabled the instant constant communication of physiques to all interested…and even those who were uninterested.  Massiveness that filled a  screen superseded aesthetic elevation.

This new standard inspired a new definition of fitness which emphasized an inflated midsection that sat in stark contrast to the cut, defined look of 90s fitness practitioners.  Whole milk, refined sugar and sugared sodas returned to the menus of many.  Bulging bellies and bulging biceps formed a kind of symmetrical symphony which came to be called ‘swole.’

It is telling, at least to this aspiring journalist, that ‘swole’ is always in the present tense.  Although the ‘pumped,’ ‘jacked’ and ‘decked’ eras all had contradictions there was at least the pretense of looking to be healthy.

And while the morality of chemically enhanced strength is a matter of continual debate in gyms and professional sports the ‘swole’ era is primarily about appearance.

‘Swole’ is the current nomenclature but a new generation will press another term.  Stay tuned…




DEFINITION: Spring in Boston

Spring in Boston is wearing shorts while watching the Bruins.

“Yo, check out my Jams!”

“What’s the score in the Bruins game?”


DEFINITION: Showroom(ing)

Showroom(ing) verb:  To visit a brick-and-mortar retail store to inspect, touch or try on a product as a precursor to purchasing the product online.

Brick-and-mortar stores are rapidly being supplanted by their online cousins. My Fenway neighborhood has seen the disappearence of Best Buy at the corner of Mass. Ave. and Newbury and Daddy’s Junky Music in the last year.

In both instances the stores were crowded with shoppers inspecting wares before making an online purchase. 

However, an $800 guitar or HD flat screen would be tagged with a 5% MA sales tax thus adding $40 to the retail price.  The retail store also operates under the handicap of having to pay staff, rent and utilities regardless of sales.  A website does not suffer this encumbrance.  Indeed through strategic delays in shipping inventory can be minimized.  This enables websites to offer a lower price than a retail establishment.

Yo, I dig the action on this Gibson Flying-V guitar I showroomed at Guitar Center.  Ii can save $50 buying it from Amazon.”

“The Forever 21 shorts fit like a glove but if they think I am going to spend the dollars they want they are just kidding themselves.  Showrooming is just a way to see that it fits”

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February 5, 2016 Leave a comment

CORIed, verb, referring to having been the subject of a C.O.R.I.(Criminal Offender Record Investigation) search via the CORI system in Massachusetts.

“I’m not sweating getting CORIed.  All I’ve got is a court appearance as a witness in something.”

“Yo, it was 10 f****** years ago and the case was dismissed and I didn’t get the job!”

CORI became law in June 30, 2005 enabling non-judicial investigation of a job applicant’s criminal history, if any.

What is more problematic is that court appearances, including those of one subpoenaed as a witness are also found by being CORIed as are dismissals and acquittals.

Additionally, the omnipresence of the Internet makes these records vulnerable to being posted online by those with somewhat less than worthy motives.

CORIed is now a verb used frequently.  I heard it most recently from a guest of mine who expressed his fear over an adolescent act being unearthed.

…While the debate over CORI continues…

CORIed as a verb is certain to remain part of the 21st. Century’s lexicon…



April 18, 2014 4 comments

Notech:  referring to not using or carrying a smartphone, tablet or laptop on certain occasions.

21st. Century socializing is defined by the distant intimacy of digital technology.

Smartphones have replaced cellphones as tablets have replaced laptops as laptops replaced desktops.  This usage trend is accelerating at an ever faster pace and shows no signs of abating within the immediate future.

Interrupting verbal speech is verboten but scrolling through one’s iPhone is acceptable as there is always the chance that the person who isn’t there is more worthy than the person who is, y’know, there, here.

Perchance the face-to-face is a memorable one a selfie will memorialize the event.

Masturbatory though it may be the ubiquitous Chainsmokers hit “Take Another Selfie” disses AND celebrates Girls’ Room club culture with its duo of hair-tossing club habitues in self-photographed glory.

(Am I the only one who is reminded of Klymaxx’s 1986 hit “Meeting in the Ladies’ Room”?  Get back to me on this).

Notech is the reaction to our digital world.

Trends that are all encompassing inevitably breed reaction.

Notech was first heard by your blogger while tending bar about 6 months ago.

“I’m here for sex, NOT sexting.  I’m notech tonight.  I want a naked body not a picture of one”.

Amused though I was I was taken aback to hear the coinage used not 2 weeks later in “my” Starbucks.

“It’s notech for me.  Why would I want to see if the boss is sending me another email while I’m having a cappucino.”

Not a week later…

“No, I didn’t bring my laptop.  Notech is freedom.  The f(^%&#) laptop is like a ball and chain.  It’s the f#()^%#$&* freedom to have no freedom while I’m out of the country.”

It was this last incident that convinced me that this word now had an intense, although relatively infrequent, usage.

Notech is something of a reaction to “selfie”.  Notech values action more than reaction and freedom from technological ties.  Notech memory is something in the mind, not in a byte.

It is certain that the ever improving ability of technology to not just enhance and memorialize interaction but create it will be increasing exponentially for the foreseeable future.

Luddites will not be taking over although their distant cousins, the Steampunk enthusiasts, are increasingly public wheeling their fixed gear bicycles through Davis Square, Somerville.

Likewise Newbury Comics’ signage “1000s of Vinyl Records!”


is the Dialectical materialism of Frederick Engel per Dialectics of Nature, 1883

Notech is Dialectical Materialism in the Digital Decade.

However, it does seem likely that relief from this most mixed of blessings will be sought.  Being of a certain generation I recall all too well the days of unlisted phone numbers…even for clubs.

Notech signifies a kind of analog dude ranch where the 20th. Century lives in eternal irony.

Notech will be a word heard only occasionally but spoken with very clear intent and action.

Notech will become a virtual and literal vacation from our cloud.


September 23, 2011 Leave a comment

SHECEPS are the muscular biceps of a woman.

This became popular in the 1990’s as Generation X women embraced bodybuilding.  Linda Hamilton in TERMINATOR II, Allison Janney in THE WEST WING and Madonna popularized the shecep.

While some thought the look unfeminine it became popular among cougars.  The expression “You can save your face or you can save your butt'” wound up referring to the upper body as women over 30 compensated for their less than youthful visages by compensating with weight training. 

The fashions of Marc Jacobs, especially  the faux-70’s sleeveless crocheted tops capitalized and created more women aspiring to muscular development.

The word “sheceps” became used here in Boston in the early Digital Decade as Gen Y boy toys/trophy boyfriends were impressed by muscles and didn’t share historic gender definitions of femininity.

Today Michelle Obama and Sarah Jessica Parker gain praise and derision as this 90’s trend has reached maturity.

“Hey, look at Michelle Obama’s sheceps.  She could put the Prez into a headlock and rip off his neck easy dude!”

“Madonna’s face is old but her sheceps are buff!”

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