HAIKU 5*7*5* Mist

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My cheek has been kissed

Like Aqua Net Super Hold

The rain is a mist

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HAIKU 5*7*5* Mist

November 9, 2018 1 comment

My cheek has been kissed

Like Aqua Net Super Hold

The rain is a mist


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I was a pre-teen


Candy corn caught in my teeth


Happy Halloween

HAIKU 5*7*5* Autumn

October 5, 2018 1 comment

The leaves are falling

Greenish leaves with brownish tips

Autumn is calling

HAIKU 5*7*5*: Aunt Goldie’s porch

It was 2 weeks ago on Facebook messaging with a distant relative of mine about the health of her mother, who is my Mom’s 1st. cousin and my ‘aunt,’ when this came to me.  In 1967, 1969, 1971 and 1972 Mom, my brother Peter and I traveled to western PA to visit my Mom’s side of the family and drink way too much soda.

Going to sleep after this little social media reunion I dreamed this HAIKU 5*7*5 in its entirety which is the memory of sitting on the porch of my Mom’s Aunt Goldie who was the matriarch of the family.


On Aunt Goldie’s porch

The roof protects us all from

The sun’s so hot scorch

CHANGE 2018 remix: 10 signs of age

June 13, 2018 1 comment

1)  You are 420 years of age in dog years.

2)  Hello to Mom and Dad.

3)  First MLB players were younger than oneself,

Then MLB players were younger than oneself,

Now MLB stadiums are younger. (Boston’s own Fenway Park and Chicago’s Wrigley Field are still older).

4)  You “left home” 40 years ago.

5)  Most of your former employers are out of business.

6)  One’s brain has been re-tooled to digital but the thoughts are still analog and that is a good thing.

7)  One’s threshold of pain has increased significantly in the last few years enabling work and exercise unimaginable 5 years ago.

8)  Deaths of friends who have been friends for 30+ years makes one realize that 30+ years of friendship are highly unlikely among current compatriots.

9)  Lifelong regret regarding M.S. and J.M.  Some things can’t be and shouldn’t be forgiven.

10)  39 years a vegetarian!



Steve Gallanter's Blog

The Summer Bubbler was born during my time at Marche’ Boston in the Prudential Center.

Marche’ boasted two bars.  The downstairs Caveau which stocked more wines than could possibly be sold.  The room offered an artificial fireplace and a multitude of Adirondack style picnic tables well suited to groups and families.  Live music was offered on weekends and our manager kept the sound system working with a mix of classic rock for the after work drinking crowd, Top 40 in the early evening and house beats late evening.

Marche’ upstairs bar was the Grotto.  Fiberglass painted a mottled gray created the impression of a cave filled with alcohol.  6 draft beers and an international array of liqueurs were the products of choice for the slightly bewildered guests who circulated through the labyrinth of cooking stations.

‘Good face’ was the key to attracting business.  However, Marche’s unique concept provoked inquiries from…

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