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CORONAVIRUS 2.0: Quarantine Quintella

May 29, 2020 1 comment

*1  Strainer thingy in bathroom tub is clear of hair and shampoo residue.

*2  FRONTIERS: THE EPIC OF SOUTH AFRICA’S CREATION AND THE TRAGEDY OF THE XHOSA PEOPLE by Noel Mostert is a 1292 page tangled epic of England, the Dutch India Trading Company, Xhosa Khoikhoi, slave traders, anti-slavery missionaries, Boers, cattle and a catastrophic attempt at salvation by Xhosa tribal folk.  African history is all too rarely in the mainstream of American thought.  Recommended.

*3  Floyd’s Barbershop at 189 Mass. Ave; 617-236-4838; is now open by appointment only via phone or website.  No walk-ins and face coverings are required.  Standard cuts are $28 and specialty coloring and perming is not yet available.  Josh does good work.  Good hair days are back!

*4  Rats are visible here in the East Fens.  With the closing of Steve’s Pizza, and the Bebop and with Amelia’s Taqueria, Boston Burger Bar, Pad Thai Cafe, Boloco, Shah’s Kitchen and Subway offering only take-out and delivery the buffet of dumpsters underneath the 1076-1124 restaurant strip cannot support the rodent community.  Rats in search of entrees are visible as never before.  Darwinism is ugly.

*5  The NBA is a no go for the time being.  Commissioner Adam Silver and the NBAPA are attempting to set up a playoff format.  In the meantime, NBA TV offers replays of 1980-1981’s Game 7 of the Celts vs. Sixers Eastern Conference Final with players hitting the floor hard on every possession.  Young fans will be taken aback at the violence of the game 40 seasons ago.

HAIKU 5*7*5* 1st. week in August

August 8, 2019 1 comment

A little less light

In the 1st. week of August

A little more night

HAIKU 5*7*5* Mist

November 9, 2018 1 comment

My cheek has been kissed

Like Aqua Net Super Hold

The rain is a mist

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