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DEFINITION: Showroom(ing)

Showroom(ing) verb:  To visit a brick-and-mortar retail store to inspect, touch or try on a product as a precursor to purchasing the product online.

Brick-and-mortar stores are rapidly being supplanted by their online cousins. My Fenway neighborhood has seen the disappearence of Best Buy at the corner of Mass. Ave. and Newbury and Daddy’s Junky Music in the last year.

In both instances the stores were crowded with shoppers inspecting wares before making an online purchase. 

However, an $800 guitar or HD flat screen would be tagged with a 5% MA sales tax thus adding $40 to the retail price.  The retail store also operates under the handicap of having to pay staff, rent and utilities regardless of sales.  A website does not suffer this encumbrance.  Indeed through strategic delays in shipping inventory can be minimized.  This enables websites to offer a lower price than a retail establishment.

Yo, I dig the action on this Gibson Flying-V guitar I showroomed at Guitar Center.  Ii can save $50 buying it from Amazon.”

“The Forever 21 shorts fit like a glove but if they think I am going to spend the dollars they want they are just kidding themselves.  Showrooming is just a way to see that it fits”

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