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2014: Seasons Change, NBA & MLB, Light days, Dark days


As November is now in full effect Daylight Savings Time has ended and the dark days are upon us here in Boston.

Ever since I was 10 years old I have associated Halloween, the end of Daylight Savings Time and the end of baseball as a single entity that forms the cusp of daily Autumnal life.

Thus, this blog will be devoted to a roll-call of those changes.

To wit:

Light days: Spring ahead, clocks advance 1 hour

Dark days: Fall back, clocks fall back 1 hour

Light days: Easter celebrates Christ’s Resurrection, birth and solstice

Dark days: Halloween celebrates paganism, death and equinox

Light days body: Losing, thus winning

Dark days body: Gaining, thus losing

Light days seasonal affective disorder(SAD): Lana Del Ray’s “Summertime Sadness,” Martin Gervais remix

Dark days seasonal affective disorder(SAD): Waking up in darkness and coming home from work in darkness.

Light days communication: Calling

Light days communication: Texting

Light days mixed emotions song: “Seasons Change,” Expose’

Dark days mixed emotions: “Hazy Shade of Winter,” by Paul Simon, as performed by The Bangles

Light days metaphorical song: “Spring Affair,” Donna Summer

Dark days metaphorical song: “Frosty the Snowman,” by Gene Autry, as performed by The Ronettes

MLB: Hot Stove league

NBA: Tip-off

MLB: Mets, Red Sox,

NBA: Celtics, Nets

MLB fan style: Fervent fan

NBA fan style: Frustrated jock

MLB logo: Harmon Killebrew

NBA logo: Jerry West

MLB: hatred: N.Y. Yankees

NBA hatred: N.Y. Knicks

Light days international Boston athlete: Koji Uehara, Japanese relief pitcher of the Boston Red Sox

Dark days international Boston athlete: Zdeno Chara, Czechoslovakian, now the Czech Republic, defenseman of the Boston Bruins

Light days: Iced coffee

Dark days: Coffee with Kahlua and DiSarrono Originale

Light days: Rum and Pinot Grigio

Dark days: Irish whiskey and Rioja

Light days: Bicycling

Dark days: Weightlifting

Light days: Popper cargo shorts

Dark days: Columbia down

Light days: College crews row on the Charles

Dark days: Collegiate party animals fall on their butts “skating” on the Frog Pond at the Boston Common

Light days: Boston Red Sox theme song of Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline”.

Dark days: Boston Celtics theme song of Guns & Roses’ “Welcome to the Jungle.”

Light days hipster gear: Needless hats

Dark days hipster gear: Needed hats

Light days: Midterms

Dark days: Finals

Light days: Memorial Day

Dark Days: Black Friday

Light days commercially viable: sunblock goes on sale at CVS on Easter

Dark days commercially viable: Christmas stuff goes on sale at CVS on Halloween

Light days politically incorrect: Merry Christmas!

Dark days politically correct: Happy Holidays!

Light days oldie: Beach Boys’ ENDLESS SUMMER

Dark days oldie: Phil Spector’s A CHRISTMAS GIFT FOR YOU

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