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CHANGE: 10 Signs of Age, 2014 remix

1)  Shoe size keeps getting bigger.  When I was 19 a size 11 shoe was right with an 11.5 sneaker with 2 pairs of tube socks for basketball.  (1/2 sizes above men’s 10 could be difficult to find so getting new Pro-Keds New Yorkers often entailed ordering in advance from Shoes and More Shoes in Port Washington, Long Island, N.Y.)

When I was 29 shoes were 11 .5 and the basketball sneakers were 12s with 2 pairs of crew socks.

Now I haven’t played basketball in 18 years and both my shoes and sneakers are 12s regardless of hosiery.

2)  President Obama reminds you more of President Nixon every day.  Exchange ‘WDMs’ for Gulf of Tonkin incident, substitute Lyndon Johnson for George W. Bush and Libya for Cambodia and it is truly uncanny…and frightening.

3)  Your age is 8 years in dog years.

4)  You meet former co-workers bringing their kids to college and they are the ones who are surprised.

5)  21 of 30 MLB managers are younger.  (Kirk Gibson of the Diamondbacks,Ron Roenicke of the Brewers, Terry Collins of the Mets, Clint Hurdle of the Pirates, Bud Black of the Padres, Bruce Bochy of the Giants, Buck Showalter of the Orioles, Ned Yost of the Royals, Rob Gardenhire of the Twins and Ron Washington of the Rangers are older).

6)  Older relatives and folks you grew up with who remember WWII  have all passed on with the exception of Thelma Allera, your Mom’s first cousin, who was born in 1925.

7)  “You look good for your age,” is something you get a lot and are no longer reluctant to hear.

8)  Coffee runs through you faster than Usain Bolt.

9)  Amy Gallanter, your 21 year-old niece, will be attending grad school come September.

10)  CHANGE: 10 Signs of Age, 2015 remix is something that you hope to be able to write.


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