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The Summer Bubbler was born during my time at Marche’ Boston in the Prudential Center.

Marche’ boasted two bars.  The downstairs Caveau which stocked more wines than could possibly be sold.  The room offered an artificial fireplace and a multitude of Adirondack style picnic tables well suited to groups and families.  Live music was offered on weekends and our manager kept the sound system working with a mix of classic rock for the after work drinking crowd, Top 40 in the early evening and house beats late evening.

Marche’ upstairs bar was the Grotto.  Fiberglass painted a mottled gray created the impression of a cave filled with alcohol.  6 draft beers and an international array of liqueurs were the products of choice for the slightly bewildered guests who circulated through the labyrinth of cooking stations.

‘Good face’ was the key to attracting business.  However, Marche’s unique concept provoked inquiries from our guest for our “specialties” other than our wines by the glass.

As fate would have it the manager previous to my supervisor had ordered an excess of champagne and prosecco splits/.1875 mL, 6.3 oz which were collecting dust in the dry goods storage area.

“Steve, think of some way to get rid of this…stuff.”

I am a fan of the bubbly.  One of my earliest drinking experiences goes back to my dishwasher days as a teen when Mr. Phillipe Bruno, the owner of both the Brasserie and Patisserie St. Germain in Manhasset, Long Island allowed me to finish an orphaned bottle of Piper Heidseck.  Indeed some of my earliest bouts with inebriation were with Andre,’  the finest champagne $3.29 could buy 35 years ago.

Jack Daniels is not one of my vices.  Snobbery isn’t either but I have always harbored a quiescent disdain for folks who ask what bourbons are available and then ask for Jack Daniels, which is a sour mash whiskey from Lynchburg, Tennessee.  Bourbon is made only in Kentucky.

 May’s warmth beckoned as I pondered a specialty.  The Kentucky Derby was on tap and the association with Mint Juleps percolated with the expedient goal of selling our excessive champagne splits.  Bourbon tends to scare Boston folks although Jack Daniels has at least as much burn.  A flavor profile that softened the burn of Jack Daniels and bubbled fermented in my mind.  Happily, our kitchens had mint available on a daily basis,.  Thus, the Summer Bubbler was born.

*     *     *


1 1/2 oz. Jack Daniels

1/4 oz. Triple Sec

4 oz. or 2/3 of a champagne or prosecco split

Measure and muddle Jack Daniels, triple sec and mint in a clean shaker.

Pour into fluted champagne glass and top with prosecco or champagne to within 1/2″ of rim.

Garnish with 2 mint sprigs.

*     *     *

As always placing the cocktail under a pin spot shows off the tawny effervescence of the Summer Bubbler.

A bubbly burn with a long sweet swallow at the finish, the Summer Bubbler pleases the palate.

Yes, we were able to reduce our standing inventory of champagne splits.


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