WORLD SERIES 2013: RED SOX WIN! Dinosaurs mating! Baseball and the BOSTON GLOBE

Dinosaurs mating!

On October 20, 2013 the Boston Red Sox concluded the World Series with a Game 6 victory over the St. Louis Cardinals.  Matt Carpenter’s feeble swipe at closer Koji Uehara’s dive-bombing split fingered fastball sealed the deal.

Baseball is the dinosaur of sports. 
Indeed, back in my early prepubescent days of fandom Roger Angell was writing his essay “The Leaping Corpse” in his compilation THE SUMMER GAME to refute those who claimed baseball to be moribund.

In the bar where I tend bar our crowd was happy and without the kind of anger one senses all too often at sports events.  Having worked since 11:30 A.M.  I was all too happy to be able to relax and enjoy the victory.  My manager let me off a little early and I savored a Barenjager before commencing the 10 minute walk home.

I have moral reservations regarding Boston’s imposition of  virtual martial law for the World Series if only for 1 night.  Having said that the prohibition of re-entering a bar following an exit spared the bar’s security AND bar staff from dealing with those already close to intoxication.  Additionally, public safety was served by limiting the bar-hopping which would create a progressively more intoxicated crowd on the streets of the Fenway Park area.

To be sure Park Drive did sport an overturned vehicle and the intersection of Mass. Ave. and Boylston St. featured a fool jumping on the top of a moving cab but the virtual army of MA State Police, Boston Police and private security on the streets surrounding Fenway Park deterred the most excessive elements of victory.

Upon awakening on Thursday I wolfed down 3 Whole Foods Market Bean and Rice burritos and headed to Symphony Market at the corner of Hemenway and Boylston to buy a …

Newspapers are the dinosaur of media.

(I especially enjoy reading the paper in my Coelacanth t-shirt).

Being of a certain generation I retain the habits of the analog 20th. Century.  While I must confess to a certain fondness for CNN the websites of the NEW YORK TIMES, BOSTON GLOBE/boston.com and even the WALL STREET JOURNAL offer little for the literate.

(By way of contrast the BOSTON HERALD‘s website is exactly on the same literary level as its cellulose sire).

Newspapers provide me with a degree of negativity that is comforting and informative.  Even the most dire reportage of war, crime and corruption is read silently.  Editorials advocating ideas that I would turn off on television or the Internet get their due of mental bandwidth.  Expressions that would my prompt my feet to move away from the speaker only make my reading more critical.

The beauty of newspaper journalism is in reading silently.  Reading silently casts all voices in one’s own.  Televised or digitally generated images are produced to appeal.  The dirty gets cleaned, the clean gets sensationalized and all is reduced to a 25-words-or-less format.

Radio news offers the hottest, most timely information and relates salient points in the most efficient fashion.

However my favorite voice is my own.

My inner voice takes even the most disquieting material and casts it as dialog for my own internal dialog.  I read things that I would never watch or listen to.

Literacy blesses us in this most ephemeral yet tangible of  means.


So it was a pleasant shock to see the once-familiar green and yellow BOSTON GLOBE panel truck, (surely an archaic vehicle), unloading bundles of GLOBEs into the Symphony Market.  I have long observed the diminishing number of papers being offered for sale at various purveyors and was taken aback at seeing an early afternoon delivery.

Stumbling, pre caffeine, into Symphony Market I saw that there were no BOSTON HERALDs for sale.  I bought 2 BOSTON GLOBEs for $1.25 a piece.

(I remember when a GLOBE was .25).

“Oh man, everyone is buying a paper today,” said the nameless but familiar face behind the counter as he held up a BOSTON GLOBE with a jubilant Koji Uehara on the cover.

“Oh man, I sold out of all of my HERALDS.  I had to call the office to get 2 more bundles of GLOBEs,”  he added.

While the counterman spoke some guy came in and bought 2 GLOBEs plunking down $2.50



…read the banner headline over the image of an ecstatic Koji Uehara being surrounded by his teammates…

Then it struck me…these people were buying the paper in order to keep it more than to read it.  More than a souvenir, the GLOBE was a talisman of victory rendered significant by the Marathon terror.

Kinship is not something I feel tremendously often.  Community is more of a concept and aspiration than my way of life.  So it was oddly gratifying that here in the foyer of Symphony Market, caffeine challenged on the day after the World Series I Found others who acted as I.

(If you choose to make your newspaper a keepsake the Ri-Pac 16″ x 11″ Zip Lock Reclosable Freezer Storage Bag is a good choice.  (ZipLoc is a brand name that has become a generic). The frosted exterior prevents damaging UV rays from marring the newsprint).

My 10/31/2004 BOSTON GLOBE SPECIAL COMMEMORATIVE SECTION’s cover featuring Keith Foulke’s pumped fist is still resplendent in all of its colorful glory. 

Alongside on my bookshelf is a BOSTON GLOBE SPECIAL COMMEMORATIVE SECTION of 10/29/2007  featuring Jason Varitek leaping into the arms of Jonathan Papelbon.

2013 will fit right next to them ensconced in a Ri-Pac 16″ x 11″.

With any luck they should last as long as I do.

Kinship is not something I feel tremendously often. 

Community is more of a concept and aspiration than my way of life, so it is oddly gratifying that  my caffeine challenged self found others that acted as I because of the Red Sox winning the World Series.

Baseball and the BOSTON GLOBE: Dinosaurs mating!

P.S.  It is more than apropos that the 8/3/2013 FORBES magazine details Red Sox’ majority owner John Henry’s acquisition of the BOSTON GLOBE.

Mr. Henry details his rational for buying the GLOBE in his editorial of 10/27/2013 available at:


Dinosaurs ARE mating!  I wonder what the kids will look like!

  1. November 18, 2013 at 12:35 am

    Good post! I used to love when the Globe truck would deliver in my neighborhood. And, I was a Globe newspaper boy for a few summers. Oh, the good’ol paper news! A relic of a bygone era, but yet in demand when some event comes along that needs to be physically saved in a closet and not store in computer memory. There is something about saving a tangible item and not a bunch of bytes, even though I did take screenshots of all the newspapers from ny to boston when the sox won their first world series.


    • November 20, 2013 at 5:19 am

      Hi Tony, Thank you for your reply. Yeah, I also think that dance club passes have a similar talisman. Folks like to have a THING in their hands.


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