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BOSTON CELTICS 92, N.Y. KNICKS 86, MAY 1, 2013, “playoff intensity is…intense”

” …and its Marv Albert and Steve Kerr here at Madison Square Garden…we’ll be checking in with Ernie, Charles, Kenny and Shaq…the Knicks filed into the Garden today in black promising to hold a funeral for the Celtics…here’s the tip-off…The Knicks are up 11-0 as Doc Rivers calls a time out…OH SNAP PLEASE JUST WIN ONE MORE SO WE CAN GET BACK HOME ON FRIDAY EVEN THOUGH I WON’T BE ABLE TO WATCH THE GAME BECAUSE I HAVE TO WORK.  GEE MAYBE ITS TIME TO USE THE VCR ON MY TVJ.R. Smith misses again and Garnett with the rebound..9:55 Bradley pulls up and misses, Chandler with the rebound…Carmelo holds the ball, turns and fouled…Anthony doubled down low kicks to Pirigoni who hits the 3…the 35 year-old Italian rookie…ENOUGH WITH THE HUMAN INTEREST STUFF.  SHOULD I DO MY LAUNDRY DURING THE GAME?  NAH, I MIGHT MISS A FEW PLAYS WHILE PUTTING STUFF IN THE DRYER…Bradley tries to force the pass, picked off by Shumpert who takes it all the way in as Doc Rivers calls for a time out…HERBAL TEA IS DEFINITELY THE RIGHT BEVERAGE FOR THIS GAME BECAUSE I’M ALREADY AMPED UP AND I’LL NEVER GET TO SLEEP WITH CAFF IN MY SYSTEM…finally the Celtics break the ice at 7:31 as Bass hits both shots…Kenyon Martin in for Chandler as the Knicks go small …WELL, YET ANOTHER ANSWER FOR THE TRIVIA QUESTION OF NAME ALL OF THE PLAYERS WHO’VE PLAYED FOR THE KNICKS AND NETS…Carmelo off the mark from 19 feet..and Marv that is a bad shot especially when no one is underneath to rebound…Knicks by 4, 22-18…”like a good neighbor”…TNT coverage of the NBA playoffs will continue tomorrow…J.R. Smith is off the mark on a 3 and he hasn’t hit a shot yet…J.R. Smith misses from 20, Kidd with the rebound…J.R. IS DOING HIS BEST JOHN STARKS IMPRESSION SO MAYBE THERE IS HOPE YET…as the 1st. comes to a close with the Knicks up 22-20…Bradley hits and we’re at 22-22…Novak with the 20-footer…THE KNICKS TOKEN WHITE GUY AND NOW HE HAS TO HIT A SHOT?..Garnett hits from 20…Garnett has it roll out and the Knicks are running…Chandler to Anthony and it’s knotted up at 28…J.R. Smith hits both and the Knicks lead 30-26…Pierce with a beautiful pump-fake to put the Celtics ahead 34-33…steps by J.R. Smith and Mike Woodson calls for timeout and we’ll break away…NBA Cares…ABOUT THEIR SALARIES AND AFTER GAME HOOK-UPS AND UNRESTRICTED FREE AGENCY…Shumpert enters the game for Jadson Kidd…GEE, SHUMPERT HAS HAIR LIKE BOBBY BROWN.  DOES HE SHOUT OUT IT’S “MY PREROGATIVE” WHENEVER HE SHOOTS?Green makes his first as Marcus Camby enters the game for Chandler…and Camby hits and the Knicks pull within 3…the Jet from behind the arc…Terry misses…and we’ll be going to Ernie, Charles, Kenny and Shaq after this message…Garnett has to be aggressive…Charles was uncomfortable wearing a tie until he joined weight Watchers…Don’t just pick, pick and roll to the hoop…WHY DOES IT TAKE 4 PEOPLE TO ANALYZE 24 MINUTES OF BASKETBALL?…11:22 Garnett misses from 9 and that’s a tough shot as neither team has been able to score…as Green hits and the Celts extend their lead to 47-39…Garnett kicks it to Bass on the pick and pop as the Knicks miss the coverage and Boston pulls ahead 49-42…Pierce’s pass is picked off by Chandler who feeds a streaking Felton…GEE, MAYBE PIERCE HAS LOST A LITTLE BIT OF HEARING OVER THE YEARS. IT LOOKS LIKE HE IS STUMBLING AROUND OUT THERE.  I WONDER IF JAY-Z IS ON HIS iPOD?…Green passes out of the double and gets it to Pierce to nail the 3 from behind the arc, Boston 52-44…GEE MAYBE I WAS WRONG ABOUT PAUL.  I HOPE I AM…Green travels and Doc Rivers is off the bench and Boston is assessed with a delay of game foul…it’s just that Pierce is so smart reading the double team and Bass unselfishly found him as Boston is moving the ball very well…it seems that so often New York gets the ball to Carmelo and then 4 guys stand around if they’re not shooting 3’s.  this isn’t always a bad strategy but J.R. Smith has yet to score from the field…GOT THAT RIGHT!  J.R. DEFINITELY WINS THE ‘IRRATIONAL SELF-CONFIDENCE PLAYER OF THE YEAR AWARD’.  HE CAN PUT IT NEXT TO HIS 6TH. MAN TROPHY…Felton goes all the way to the hole and the Knicks pull within 2, 56-54 as Terrence Williams comes in for GarnettTerry from 25 feet as Boston continues to beat the Knicks at their own game of shooting 3s…Terrence Williams with a thunderous jam and Boston maintains its lead 61-56…WHERE IS JORDAN CRAWFORD?  DID HE DIS DOC OR SOMETHING?…like a good neighbor State Farm is there…Terrence Williams with the rebound as the Celtics walk the ball upcourt…and Pierce hits…63-56..and Williams finds Pierce for another 3…as Pierce has gotten older he has become a much better shooter…Green puts Anthony on the line for 2 and he hits both as the Knicks trail by 6, 66-60..Woody Allen at court side and he’s wearing a new hat…How can you tell?, Marv…WHERE IS SOON-YI?  INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW…quite a few Boston fans here tonight who have made the trip…The NBA is Big!…and Jason Terry does his “jet” as 2:41 of scoreless ball has finally been ended…it’s the playoffs Marv and we’re seeing playoff intensity defense and that’s what the Celtics have hung their hat on all season…playoff intensity is intense…and J.R. Smith misses again from 21 feet and  he hasn’t hit a shot all night and that was a bad miss with a low % 2, back to you Marv…as the 3rd Quarter comes to and with Boston fighting for its life, leading 69-60…TIME FOR A PIT STOP AND TO MAKE SURE MY CHICKENLESS PATTIES ARE DEFROSTED FOR BREAKFAST…J.R. Smith misses again and the fans are booing…Jason Kidd comes down with the rebound and signals for a 20 second timeout at 11:10 of the 4th. quarter with the Knicks trailing 69-60…Garnett finishes at the rim as the Celtics take a 71-60 lead with 10:30 remaining as the Knick fans are expressing their displeasure…Marv, I think that Mike Woodson has done a great job all year long dealing with adversity and he has his work cut out for him…YEAH AND HE HAS HIS HAIR CUT OUT FOR HIM LIKE AN ETCH-A-SKETCH AFRO…J.R. Smith misses again with a step back jumper..and you know a real shooter just keeps on shooting but J.R. might want to give it a rest even though the Knicks never would have gotten this far without him.  But you have to give credit to Boston for closing out very quickly.  All season long Boston has hung its hat on defense and Avery Bradley and Terrence Williams are getting in J.R.’s grill tonight…WHY DO 48 YEAR OLD WHITE GUYS FEEL THAT THEY HAVE TO DROP HIP-HOP INTO THEIR ANALYSIS?  I WONDER IF JAY-Z FINDS THIS GAME AMUSING?…Brandon Bass makes both and the Celtics extend their lead to 73-60…Garnett finds green for the lay-in 75-60 and the Knicks call for a timeout…Frozen coke only .75…Anthony going strong to the hoop for the 1st. Knick field goal since 4:01 of the 3rd. here at 8:55 OF THE 4TH. Quarter…and the Knicks had better get something going very soon.  All year long the Knicks have hung their hat on treys and Carmelo Anthony and with J.R. Smith in a shooting skein someone has to step up with some 3s if the Knicks hope to erase this deficit…Garnett throws it out-of-bounds…Pierce with another Boston turnover and the Celtics look like they don’t know how to close a game out…Iman Shumpert enters the game replacing Jason Kidd with 7:22 remaining…NOT ONLY DOES HE HAVE BOBBY BROWN’S HAIR HE HAS THE PTERODACTYL SCRATCHES TOO!…misses the 2nd…Garnett rebound…no such thing as a double technical and we’ll be right back after this message with the Celtics leading 75-65…THIS GAME IS ALMOST IN THE BAG “YO DIGGITY, BAG IT UP” HAS TO BE THE BEST “THE GAME’S ALMOST OVER JAM.  HOW COME YOU NEVER HEAR TEDDY RILEY ANYMORE?Anthony hits both foul shots after the foul by Garnett and the the Knicks pull within single digits as the Garden crowd starts to get loud…Terry with the rebound of the Shumpert 3 up court to the left arc, fires, hits, Jet! and the Celtics restore their 10 point lead and it sounds as if the air has gone out of the crowd here at Madison Square Garden….Pierce fouls Smith hard and J.R. hits both as the Knicks pull within 9…IF I WERE PIERCE I WOULD JUST LET J.R. CONTINUE TO DO HIS JOHN STARKS IMPRESSION.  HECK I’D PAY HIM TO SHOOT…Felton flips in an 8 footer as the Knicks cut the deficit to 9…and Green’s 3 extends the Boston lead to 12 with 3:04 remaining…J.R. Smith hits from 25 and the Knicks have to hit their 3s Marv because trading baskets at this juncture of the game just won’t cut it…GEE, STEVE I GUESS YOU REALLY GOT AN EDUCATION AT ARIZONA.  DID YOU MAJOR IN BELABORING THE OBVIOUS?…and Jeff Green answers back with another 3 as the Celticsbring the lead back to 12 and Mike Woodson calls for a timeout…Pierce from 15, off the mark and the Knicks pound the ball up court, Kidd finds Anthony in the corner, no good, Chandler fights for the rebound and gets it to Anthony who finishes and the Knicks pull within 8, 88-80 with 1:12 remaining…difficult but not impossible Marv as the Knicks have to get 2 stops and at least 2 3s and they’ve got the people to do it…I HOPE DOC IS COOL RIGHT NOW. HE IS SWEATING THROUGH HIS SUIT. DON’T LET THIS BE THE LAST GAME FOR PIERCE AND GARNETT…and another 3 from J.R. Smith putting the Knicks within 5 at 88-83…and there’s plenty of time remaining Marv…as Doc Rivers calls for a timeout…pick and roll, Garnett keeps it and hits from 20 and Boston has a 7 point lead with 45 seconds remaining as Mike Woodson calls for a timeout as Madison Square Garden holds it breath…Jason Kidd re-enters the game for Iman ShumpertFelton misses fromehind the arc and the fans begin to file out of the stands…SO MUCH FOR THE SO-CALLED LOYAL KNICKS FANS.  HECK, THE NETS HAVE MORE LOYAL FANS ME AMONG THEM…Garnett is grabbed by Kidd and makes both of his free throws with :40 remaining in a suddenly quiet Madison Square Garden…5,4,3,2,and J.R. Smith hits a 3 with time expiring and the Celtics take Game 5 and will go to Boston with a chance to tie.  Your final score 92-86.  We’ll be back with THE POST GAME WRAP UP.

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    Why viewers still make use of to read news papers when in this technological world everything is existing on web?


    • August 16, 2013 at 3:27 am

      The verbiage on this blog was hand written by myself while watching the game described. What I was trying to get across was the way I watch NBA games; turning the sound on and off, listening to music and the inner dialog that accompanied the game. Thank you for your reply.


    • May 13, 2014 at 11:58 pm

      Hi produkcja regalow Please read my blog pieces on ‘Notech’ and “Dinosaurs Mating.” Cheers, Steve


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    Fastidious answers in return of this issue with firm arguments and
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