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Hello everyone,

Seeing as how the NBA is approaching the playoffs with playoff intensity it is time to switch the bandwidth to MLB.

Time begins            

NBA:  Tip-off    

MLB:   Play ball!

The Commish 

NBA: David Stern        

MLB:Bud Selig

Foreign exchange student

NBA: Dirk  

MLB: Ichiro


NBA: Kobe Bryant

MLB: Mariano Rivera                                                

Endangered species                                                                                                          

 NBA:  White Americans                                                             

 MLB:  African Americans                                                                                                                 

First name basis     

NBA: Wilt

MLB: Babe


NBA: Nets

MLB: Mets

Stick a fork in ’em

NBA: Expiring contract

MLB: Non-tender

Artistic ability                                                                                                           

NBA: Drawing fouls                                                                             

MLB: Drawing walks

Always the bridesmaid                                      

NBA: LeBron

MLB: Texas Rangers

Last hurrah?

NBA: Lakers                                                                                                                             

MLB: Phillies

It ain’t over               

NBA: “Til the fat lady sings” Dick Motta   

MLB: “Til it’s over” Yogi Berra/Lenny Kravitz


NBA: Hops

MLB: Wheels                               

Take a number               

NBA: 12th. man  

MLB: 24th. man


NBA: Tremendous upside potential

MLB: Spring training phenom

Green and growing                                              



Has all of the…                                                          

NBA: Skills                                                                                              

MLB: Tools

More not than often…                                           

NBA: Bill Walton                                                                                 

MLB: Brett Saberhagen

All in the Family      

defacto G.M’s

NBA: Dolans of Knicks

MLB: Steinbrenners of Yankees

Wanna bet?                                                                                                                                         

NBA: Tim Donaghy

MLB: 1919 Black Sox

Wanna bet with me?                                          

NBA: Jack Molinas                                                                            

MLB: Pete Rose

Age of specialists                                                 

NBA: James Jones                                                                              

MLB: David Ortiz

Boston cliche’                                                       

NBA: Parquet Floor                                                                              

MLB: Green Monster

Occupational hazard                                       

NBA: ACL                                                                                                  

MLB: Pulled hamstring

Dept. of Labor                                                      

NBA: Lockout                                                                                        

MLB: Strike


NBA: Jerry West                                                                                    

MLB: Harmon Killebrew

Not a % move                                                       

.106 7-59 2012 Charlotte Bobcats                               

.250 40-120 1962 Mets


NBA: 48 minutes                                                                                  

MLB: Whenever


NBA: Houston Rockets                                                                       

MLB: Houston Astros

Back up the truck                                          

NBA: Seattle Sonics to OKC Thunder                                       

MLB: Houston Astros to AL Central

Nerd #s                                                                 

NBA: Points per shot, points per possession                        

MLB: On base average, component ERA


NBA: Nerf Ball                                                                                             

MLB: Whiffle ball

Politically incorrect                                   

NBA: Too many Blacks                                                                        

MLB: Too many Latinos

Small and aggressive                                 

NBA: Feisty/Steve Nash                                                                      

MLB: Scrappy/Dustin Pedroia

Boston song                                                     

NBA: “Welcome to the Jungle”, Guns & Roses @TD Bank Northgarden

MLB: “Sweet Caroline”, Neil Diamond@Fenway Park

Parking for Celts/Sox                                           

NBA: “Parking?  Didn’t he play for the Bruins?”      

MLB: $90 for SUV at Mobil at Boylston & Ipswich


NBA: Long Wharf Marriott                                                              

MLB: Back Bay Hilton

Derisive comment                                      

NBA: “Disco with referees”                                                                  

MLB: “Like watching paint dry”

Best months                                                    

NBA: April and October                                                                     

MLB: April and October

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  1. December 19, 2012 at 2:26 am

    Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die.


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