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BASEBALL: Barry Bonds Will Be Vindicated

With the so-called “steroid era” in the rear view mirror it is time to consider Barry Bonds in a new light.


This will take several of the following factors coming into play.

BETTER DRUGS  As steroids eclipsed Dexedrine/greenies as MLB’s “taint” drug a drug that is believed to be more effective than steroids will make steroid use seem relatively inconsequential.  Indeed, with 2011 NL MVP Ryan Braun having failed a test for HGH this process is already under way.

LEGALIZATION OF MARIJUANA AND ILLEGALITY OF CIGARETTES  This will teach people that society’s standards of acceptable drug use are very elastic.

STEROIDS BEING EXPOSED AS A RECREATIONAL INTOXICANT  Bars and dance clubs are full of guys snorting steroids to get high.  This will mitigate the perception of steroids being used solely for performance enhancement.

TESTING AT THE OLYMPICS AND THE TOUR DE FRANCE   Complete testing results would show that there isn’t a strong relationship between so-called PEDs and success.

BONDS’ 73 HR MARK BEING BROKEN  Bonds completed the vindication of Roger Maris that was begun by Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa.  I expect Bonds’ record to be broken within the next 20 years.

BONDS 762 HR RECORD BEING BROKEN  The same as above as.  Bonds completed the vindication of Henry Aaron per Howard Bryant’s HENRY AARON THE LAST HERO.

A SYMPATHETIC BIOGRAPHY  Maury Allen’s ROGER MARIS A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS and Billy Crystals’ HBO FILM 61* vindicated Maris as a man and as a record holder.  such a biography would have to portray Bonds as “difficult” but not a “cheater” per se.

SANDY KOUFAX AND SABR  A SABR article comparing Koufax’ use of Butazolidin, an anti-inflammatory used for horses and never legal for use in humans as detailed in Jane Leavey’s KOUFAX: A LEFTY’S LEGACY, will prompt SABR members to ponder whether Bonds is similar to Koufax in that both men were supremely talented athletes who derived some benefits from drugs but nonetheless were the greatest of their time and arguably the greatest of all time.

CURT SCHILLING AND GAME 6 OF THE 2004 ALCS.  A SABR article comparing Schilling’s use of Norcaine in the ‘bloody sock’ game to Bonds alleged steroid use will cause SABR members to question whether Bonds did anything all that bad.

NBA STEROID SCANDAL  An NBA steroid scandal will cause thinking fans to consider whether the ever expanding use of steroids makes baseball any worse than the NBA.  This thinking will lead these fans to wonder whether MLB is held to a higher standard than the NBA.

OFFICIATING SCANDALS A scandal greater than the NBA’s Tim McGeoghy scandal would cause fans to recognize that corrupt officiating is far more dangerous to the integrity of the game than any action of any player.

NFL STEROID SCANDAL  The same as the NBA scenario above but fans will realize that upper body strength is more important in the NFL and thus Bonds’ genuine accomplishments won’t be as denigrated.

MINOR LEAGUE BASEBALL STEROID SCANDAL  This would show that fringe players attempting to to reach MLB are users of steroids.  The ethics of whether steroid use is more immoral to set records or to reach MLB at all will become debate fodder.

A PITCHER CONFESSES TO STEROID USE  Pitchers using steroids to speed recovery time becomes a hot topic.  This will create a perception that the so-called steroid era had a level playing field.

DRUNK/HIGH ATHLETE FESSES UP   An MLB player goes on the MLB Network and regrets that his intoxication has caused defeat.  “Cheating to lose” becomes a hot topic and a greater sin than PEDs.  If my Baseball-Fever.com postings regarding Mickey Mantle and Dennis Eckersley had say, Bill Simmons’ market, this would help Bonds immeasurably.

BONDS OPENS UP  Bonds begins a media campaign to promote himself and opens up.  Bonds brings  his fitness habits, obsessive DVD watching and batting practice during games; Pac Bell has a hitting cage underneath the stands, into public light.  A new perception of Bonds as a monomaniacal man who cared more about hitting than about family, money or fame would cast his public persona in a new light.  The perception of Bonds as an obsessed, difficult loner will take hold…to the extent that it overshadows the perception of him as a “cheater.”

A 40 YEAR OLD HITTER LEADS A MAJOR STATISTICAL CATEGORY  Barry Bonds becomes appreciated as the harbinger of athletes competing successfully for longer than ever before.  The new perception of Bonds will be that of a pioneer.

SELF-PROMOTION  Ted Williams used his books MY TURN AT BAT and THE SCIENCE OF HITTING, his many charitable works and fans’ awareness of his Latino heritage to change the perception of his prickly playing persona into the “beloved” Ted Williams.

The “beloved” Barry Bonds is waiting for his closeup!

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  1. November 8, 2012 at 6:31 am

    This piece is all the more interesting in the light of the Lance Armstrong scandal.


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