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BASEBALL:30 years ago tonight: Game 6, October 25, 1986, Mets vs. Red Sox, Our House (West), a night to remember

“…a little roller up 1st. base, it gets through Buckner’s …and the Mets win it!”

I was standing at the corner of the S-Rail at the O.H. with one eye on the TV and the other eye on the door.  Robbie “Captain” Johnson had been appointed “security” for Game 6 by Frank.  The outside lights had been extinguished and the window blinds shut as we were at the legal capacity of 180.

“Now Steve, we will probably have a small riot so make sure that all of the silver and glasses are off the tables.  Start putting together the toasters while the game is on so you can build some anticipation.  Keep the champagne in the case but let people see you carry it out of the walk-in.  I can just smell that we’re gonna win this thing.”

“What do you mean we?”

“Don’t be an asshole like you know you can be.”

I had a case of Franzia champagne, $29.99 a case, on the S-Rail as I assembled the toasters…

“…180 people, 33.8 ltrs. a bottle, figured at 32 oz. so about 20 toasts a bottle and I had 6 cases so someone would wind up not getting any unless I went into the brunch supply.  If we win big I can probably get away with hijacking 2 bottles from brunch…”

Tony Salamone lived upstairs.  He played for the football team and was our resident photographer.  As a VIP he had claimed the far right corner of the couch.  This gave him the right to be kicked by fans…

…as Dave Henderson’s backward dance after his 10th. inning HR eerily echoed his game winning blast against the Angels in the ALCS.  With Marty Barrett knocking in Wade Boggs the Sox had a 5-3 lead in the top of the 10th…

Some clumsy kid kicked Tony as he emulated Henderson.  Tony didn’t seem to mind.

Tony was a native of the Bronx who was rooting for the Red Sox as part of his reflexive hatred of the Mets.  This entitled him to listen to my lengthy soliloquy on Lee Mazzilli’s career path.

“Hey Steve, where is Stapleton?”

“Got me.”

“…Even if the Mets lose I have this Savco patch from HVIII that I can stick on my suspenders.  Hey, jumping on the bandwagon is better than getting run over by it.  Humph, I wonder if anyone has noticed my blue suspenders and orange tie…”


Lee Mazzilli’s 2 strike pinch single had hushed the kids.

From the Music Room a few claps crept out.  My personal TV was perched precariously on an end table bought from Antique Revival on Harvard Ave.  Jimmy Coyle who had tended bar a the O.H. was there with his roommates Mike, Jimmy and Al.  Jimmy Coyle hailed from Maryland, hated the Yankees and thus was a Mets fan by proxy.  Far from feeling shunned by being in the Music Room he told me that “the good crowd is in here.”

I bought his crew a round.

The Music Room was now crowded.  Christian was a German- born B.U. kid from Great Neck.  In September we had an Our House raffle for a Jimmy Fund Benefit with the Mets. vs. Red Sox game at Fenway.  I hadn’t spoken to him prior to his winning the raffle but after he won he told me that he grew up in Great Neck near to my youthful home of Port Washington, Long Island.  From there Christian and I had a “How’ya doing,” kind of friendship that is one of the small blessings of the bar business.

Christian was in the Music Room with his girl friend and several friends.

Underneath his drinks were Mets baseball cards.

“Steve these cards are going to win the game for us!”

“Ya gotta believe!”

I bought them drinks.


…I began “uncorking” the Franzia, $29.99 doesn’t get you “cork”, and began lining up the toasters.  Helene was the least competent of the waitresses so she drew the dubious distinction of lining up the toasters along the S-Rail.  There wouldn’t be any drink orders for a few minutes…

Gary Carter


Kevin Mitchell


I begin pouring the Franzia under pouring ever so slightly so as to get 20 glasses out of each bottle.

“…HVIII would be proud of my low pouring cost I thought and then I flashed back to my disappointment when the 1973 Ya Gotta Believe Mets succumbed to the Mustache Gang As…”


Ray Knight hits and Carter scores.

The dining Room has hushed and I hear a  German voice yelling “Lets Go Mets”  Christian’s party still has their baseball cards under their drinks.

Jimmy, Jimmy, Mike and Al are hunched over with their elbows on their knees in a prayerful posture.







…Wilson with a 3-2 count…Stanley throws a sinker and it’s hard to get the ball into the air against him…a wild pitch and Mitchell scores…oh my!…

The yells from the Music Room are loud.  I know that it is Jimmy Coyle because only a Berklee kid can yell that loudly and stay in tune.  I debate going into the Music Room and then I realize that I haven’t  poured any champagne for several minutes and the Franzia is growing warm in my hot hands.

“…Hey if the Sox win no one will complain about the overly sweet palate but if the Mets win Berra’s boo-boo of starting Seaver rather than Stone will be avenged and my existence on this planet will be justified…”




“…a little roller up along 1st..behind the bag!  It gets through Buckner…!”

Some kid yelled, “You cursed them.  It’s your fault!”

Robbie “Captain” Johnson was crestfallen and opened the front door.

I ran into the Music Room where Jimmy, Jimmy, Mike and Al were having a group hug moment.

Christian held up some waterlogged Mets baseball cards and yelled “These cards won the game!”

I agreed and bought his group a round.

I ran to the S-Rail and yelled “The Sox are toast,” to Tony Salamone.

Tony mumbled something vaguely Italian, grabbed 4 toasters, inhaled them and stumbled out the door and upstairs to his home.

I brought the opened, warm Franzia into the Music Room.

Can’t let $29.99 go to waste.

POSTSCRIPT  Some of the people I associate with this night are gone now but right now they are alive as they were that night.


DAILY NEWS SCRAPBOOK HISTORY OF THE  N.Y. METS 1986 SEASON  This book is a collection of all of the articles the DAILY NEWS published during the 1986 season without additional commentary.  A look at what was thought and written during the season.  Recommended.

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