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SHECEPS are the muscular biceps of a woman.

This became popular in the 1990’s as Generation X women embraced bodybuilding.  Linda Hamilton in TERMINATOR II, Allison Janney in THE WEST WING and Madonna popularized the shecep.

While some thought the look unfeminine it became popular among cougars.  The expression “You can save your face or you can save your butt'” wound up referring to the upper body as women over 30 compensated for their less than youthful visages by compensating with weight training. 

The fashions of Marc Jacobs, especially  the faux-70’s sleeveless crocheted tops capitalized and created more women aspiring to muscular development.

The word “sheceps” became used here in Boston in the early Digital Decade as Gen Y boy toys/trophy boyfriends were impressed by muscles and didn’t share historic gender definitions of femininity.

Today Michelle Obama and Sarah Jessica Parker gain praise and derision as this 90’s trend has reached maturity.

“Hey, look at Michelle Obama’s sheceps.  She could put the Prez into a headlock and rip off his neck easy dude!”

“Madonna’s face is old but her sheceps are buff!”

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