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DEFINITION Premmed out

PREMMED OUT: Referring to a  woman with a youthful appearance.  This is especially true of women often referred to as “cougars”.

“Premmed…'” refers to Premarin.  Premarin is a drug derived from pregnant mare urine; hence the name.

This medication was prescribed to menopausal women to stave off the onset of osteoporosis, the brittle bones that often lead to fractured hips and femurs.  Women’s bodies lose the ability to metabolize calcium and Vitamin D as they age.

By fooling the body into functioning as being of child-bearing age vaginal dryness was lessened.  A slight increase in body temperature precipitated weight loss and kept skin moist.

Women thought….hmm.

Back in the 90’s I tended the bar in the 90’s with a woman whose appearance changed dramatically in a few months.

Plastic surgery?


Hair care products?

Relaxing after work with a cocktail the bartender revealed that she had a prescription for Premarin.  She was 26!

What has happened is that Premarin has created a generation of women who will not now or ever go through menopause.  This is the root of the cougar phenomena.  The cougar phenomena is largely one of Gen X women born between 63-74 initiating relationships with Gen Y men born between 79-85.

Our digital era has all of us on camera with an acuity that was the stuff of tech nerds only 5 years ago.  Smartphones provide and create images which only photographers for SPORTS ILLUSTRATED had access to not so long ago.

Additionally, a lot of what is thought to be plastic surgery is Premarin.

60-something Sally Field coyly smiles from beneath her artfully unkempt brown hair.

“Premmed out” is a common bar phrase.

“Look at that cougar, she must be 45 and she looks 32!”

“Kate Walsh is so premmed out”.

Menopause is now a lifestyle choice.

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