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The other day while walking along the 1200 block of Boylston St. I happened to look up at the sky.

The clouds were stratified in layers that lay still just long enough for me to contemplate their stratification.

The uppermost was light blue, almost like the inaugural uniforms of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

The descending layers were alternating between powder blue and a slate gray the color of…

…the flagstones piled in the corner of my backyard in my boyhood home of 86 Henry St. in Merrick, Long Island, New York.

There was an unused goldfish pool in the corner of the yard and my friends and I used to amuse ourselves by digging out the dirt that had been used in an improvised attempt to cover it.

The Benoff boys; Craig, Johnny and Reid, the Torbee kids and Candace would spend hours at this task without ever completing the excavation.

On occasion, Francis, a widowed woman who lived at 92 Henry St, would come by and tease our Herculean efforts. So did Carlton and Juliet our neighbors.

I have no memory of my folks or brother being around.

I sometimes wonder what became of the Benoffs, Torbees and Candace. I do have a picture of Candace and me at my 4th birthday.

Anyway, I was walking on Boylston St. looking at the sky…

“…and as I think back makes me wonder how the smell from a grill could spark up nostalgia.”

SUMMERTIME:  Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince

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